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TFOU, TF1's youth unit, announces the signing of an agreement with La Chouette Cie for the development of "AZURO & the Dragon Squad". Adapted from the eponymous youth albums, created by brothers Laurent Souillé and Olivier Souillé, illustrated by Jérémie Fleury published by Auzou Editions, this new animated comedy and adventure series will be aimed at children from 4 to 7 years old.

La Chouette Cie has entrusted the international distribution of the series to Newen Connect. Azuro, Oria, and Vermilion form the Dragon Squad, a unit of elite firefighters specializing in rescuing and assisting fantastic creatures of all kinds. Every day, the three friends stand ready to leave their barracks and rescue any monsters in distress. But, the three dragonflies are still only apprentices and the missions never go as planned ...

Yann Labasque, director of youth programs at TF1. “From the first reading, the stories of Azuro at Auzou Editions touched us right away. A real crush. Azuro is a little dragon rejected by his peers because he is blue and does not breathe fire ... but water! But he will make his difference a wealth and experience it as an opportunity. This particular character will gradually evolve into a hero who finds his way and becomes a rescuer with his friends. With this new animated series brought to La Chouette Cie, children will discover tender, funny and moving stories. " Mariam Hachmi & Sylvain Dos Santos, Producers - La Chouette Cie. “Azuro is an extraordinary and inspiring character, as evidenced by the thousands of readers that the little blue dragon has been able to unite in recent years. At La Chouette Cie, we didn’t resist either. His story, his courage and his benevolence touched us and determined to adapt the beautiful literary collection in cartoon. We are very proud and happy to embark on this adventure alongside Yann and the TFOU team! " Adélaïde Quiblier, Director of Diversification - Auzou Editions. “We are delighted with this new development, made possible thanks to the tremendous work of La Chouette Cie. Azuro is a flagship character in the Auzou Editions catalog and we are committed, with the production teams and that of TF1, to install him as an emblematic hero with children. " Malika Abdellaoui, Managing Director of Newen Connect. "We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with La Chouette Cie and TF1 through the Azuro project: a unique animation series highlighting a hero like no other and conveying the values ​​of sharing and benevolence with humor and tenderness. We are convinced of the international potential of the series as it promises young viewers to discover wonderful stories in the company of characters who are both colorful and close to them. It is on the strength of this conviction that we got involved very early in the project, in the search for pre-financing. "

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